Training & Coaching

Training is complicated and you may find yourself with one or more questions about how to best proceed. Or perhaps you don’t have the time to plan your training, and you could use the guidance, wisdom, and convenience of a coach. In 2014 Steve House and Scott Johnston published their best-selling book Training for the New AlpinismNow you can tap into the decades of knowledge that Steve and Scott have accrued about how to best train for our sport. Steve and Scott offer three options to fit each scenario and budget, ranging from 30-minute consultations to daily coaching.

Personalized Coaching

For those who want the highest level of coach/athlete interaction. The PRO Plan includes a comprehensive online data logging service, We upload your workouts directly to your online training log which you can access via your computer, tablet, or mobile device. You record your workouts to the same site and we are immediately notified about the complete training. We offer three levels of coaching service, hourly consulting, a BASIC PLAN, and a monthly PRO PLAN. Please note that the PRO PLAN requires a minimum 4 month commitment. All plans require that you sign the UPHILL ATHLETE liability waiver.


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Training for the New Alpinism, Uphill Athletes

Half-hour to one hour Phone Call


half hour minimum


Half-hour Phone Call

Customized 8-Week Training Plan





 daily Feedback & Consultation

 unlimited Communication

 Consultation by Phone, Text & Mail

 continuous adjustments of Training Plan

Premium online Training Log


+$99.00 one-time set-up fee

Talk with Steve House or Scott Johnston, authors of Training for the New Alpinism. It typically takes us about a half an hour on the phone talking through your goals and getting to know your situation. We will answer any specific questions you may have. $80/hour. ½ hour minimum.

We will start with a phone call to discuss your climbing goals, time constraints, and training history. With all this in mind, we write a custom eight-week training plan for you. At the end this period you have an option that we build a second eight-week training plan for you after another discussion of how your training has developed.

*The initial BASIC Plan costs $240 for the first cycle. 

The second/follow-up plan is $160

The ultimate in coaching and athlete accountability, the PRO Plan includes unlimited communication via phone, text, and email. This allows us to give you daily feedback and make adjustments to your training as often as needed. The PRO Plan is $300/month plus a one-time $99 set up fee. Four month minimum commitment.